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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Crimmigration refers to a loose system of justice that acts to hold down the Latino population at a time after Congress had passed anti-descrimination laws.  By raising fears among the general white population about the dangers of immigrants from Mexico coming into the US to commit crimes or to transport drugs, the affect on the border was to increase patrols, arrest and incarcerate non-citizens, and to create a lower class of citizen (Mexican immigrants) who are always viewed with suspicion.
Crimmigration very much mirrors how white supremacy used mass incarceration to incriminate African Americans in order to maintain a racial caste between races. Another way crimmigration is mirroring the mass incarceration of African Americans is the economic value of it. Politicians are viewing crimmigration as probably an advantage point economically.  Why would such a horrible discriminatory thing such as crimmigration be an economic advantage? It would employ tons of people through jobs in the detention facilities. “In 2012, the number of individuals detained exceeded 400,000 individuals.” (Crimmigration, 5) However one could argue that crimmigration would actually pose more of an economic challenge for the federal government as funding would be needed not only to provide detention centers but also expensive gadgets such as, “infrared radar, night vision scopes.” (Crimmigration, 3) Politicians may also be worried that they could hurt themselves if they blame United States, homegrown white citizens for drugs and crime, and would rather think it more logical to blame the foreigners who people stereotype as being the main drug carriers. Crimmigration today also mirrors how the United States was persistent in keeping foreigners out with the National Origins Act of 1924 which issued quotas based on the 1890 census to create a white American race.  Crimmigration also provides a convenient excuse for why the US has such a big drug problem-- blame it on the Mexican immigrants who transport drugs into the country.  Crimmigration has created a stereotype for all Mexican Americans and has contributed greatly to their low status in American society.

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